Broadband is a two-way high-speed communication network that can transmit data in text, audio, and live images. In today’s society and with increasing use and demands from users, reliable broadband must simultaneously process several services and many users.

In Norway, broadband became commercially available on the private market at the beginning of the 2000s. Norsk Fiberoptikk has been involved in building FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) network for homes since 2001. You can thus trust that we have the experience needed to deliver reliable broadband to you and your company.

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The new digital industries require stable transport of vast amounts of data and traffic. Norsk Fiberoptikk provides infrastructure and solutions for this, and has helped build several data centers with both national and international customers. We plan and design the solutions and have authorized technicians who install rectifier systems with battery backup.

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We have extensive experience with the installation of fiber cable in all types of pipes and ducts. There is a sea of ​​different types of cable that can be used in installations. Together with the customer, we find out what type of cable is to be used based on the cable’s properties and the environment in which it is to be installed. We also cover our customers’ needs for installation of cables in poles, water and sea.

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Our fitters work daily with branching and splicing of fiber in pull troughs, splice cabinets, masts, etc. We also perform all types of end termination of fiber cable.

There are various technologies when it comes to splicing and terminating fibers. In the past, mechanical methods for splicing and end termination were often the natural choice to achieve acceptable quality based on the services being used. In recent times, increasing parts of the available bandwidth in the fiber are utilized. The requirements for joints and terminations have been enhanced accordingly.

More prominent businesses that own fiber-optic infrastructure require that only core-centering splicing machines being used when building networks. Norsk Fiberoptikk therefore only uses core-centering splicing machines for splicing.

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Communication networks built up with fiber-optic cables are increasingly used for control systems and internal communication both on offshore installations and along roads and railways.

Norsk Fiberoptikk has dedicated technicians who are regularly sent on assignments internationally and offshore for several of our customers. We have also been involved in several major tunnel projects in recent years where we have acquired unique expertise in the control and monitoring systems used.

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Testing and certification of connections is a natural part of all the jobs we perform. New methods for reporting and inspection mean that our customers can be sure that the fiber system is compliant with the agreed quality.

Methods and tools we use to do this are:

  • Inspection (Microscope)
  • Light source & power meter
  • OTDR
  • CD (Chromatic Dispersion)
  • PMD (Polarization Mode Dispersion)
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • BERT (Bit error tester)

The requirements for high-quality backbone networks are increasing as the bandwidth of these networks increases. Advanced measurement methods and theoretical knowledge are crucial to ensure stability and predictability. The high quality of the installations, combined with a sufficiently redundant network structure, means that the uptime of critical connections can approach 100%.

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