The Coronavirus:

The given situation has shown the importance of good electronic communication services. Therefore, we are still able to provide necessary services in your home or facilities.

If we have made a service appointment with you, we will ensure that our technicians do everything they can to reduce the risk of infection.

Our measurements include:

  • No hand shaking to reduce risk of contamination.
  • We always apply hand-sanitizer before we enter.
  • We advise you to keep all doors open, to avoid surface contact.
  • We advise you to keep a two-meter distance.
  • We will bring a separate remote control in case we need to test your television services.
  • We always apply hand-sanitizer before we leave

This information may be frequently updated to meet changes in the official guidelines from The Norwegian Institute of Public Health and The Norwegian Directorate of Health. To ensure a low contamination risk, we advise you to stay updated on the official guidelines.

Norsk Fiberoptikk

Our vision is to be the leading provider of fiber optic solutions and services in Norway. We aim to fulfil all your requirements within fiber optic solutions and infrastructure. When we were established in 2001, we were among the first companies in Norway to specialize in fiber optics. This has given us invaluable competence and experience within the industry. Throughout the years, we have carried out several projects for both small and large-scale companies. With us, you can be confident that you will receive excellent solutions tailored to your needs.