Backbone Network

The requirements for high-quality backbone networks are increasing as the bandwidth of these networks increases.

Advanced measurement methods and theoretical knowledge are crucial to ensure stability and predictability. The high quality of the installations, combined with a sufficiently redundant network structure, means that the uptime of critical connections can approach 100%.

What is a backbone network?

The main provider can for example have two central locations for network lines. Based on these, a 100-150 node rooms network is the primary outlet for households.

The backbone network is the interface between the node rooms. The backbone network is what goes through the node rooms to be able to provide networks to households. It works in a way similar to cable splicing to a customer, but the difference is that it is more vulnerable when something goes wrong. This vulnerability can potentially have significant consequences for very many recipients.

Jobs related to the backbone network are therefore only for reputable suppliers with specialist knowledge in the field. Norsk Fiber Optikk has this expertise and is therefore used by several of the largest companies on the market. We are their security for a high-quality system that works and operates with minimal downtime.

Several suppliers can perform broadband and cable installation. For those who demand a little extra, we are the right supplier. Examples of this can be critical connections or the emergency connection, where we are also the preferred choice.

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