We at Norsk Fiberoptikk deliver the infrastructure required to get high-quality broadband.

We are an installation company performing construction and engineering in connection with broadband access.

Norsk Fiberoptikk works primarily for the larger network providers of broadband. Often, our role works to receive inquiries about whether we can expand fiber in a given area. The reason why we are a preferred partner in fiber development is our particular expertise in this area. Ever since 2001, Norsk Fiberoptikk has worked with the development of fiber.

Norsk Fiberoptikk is often contacted when the assignments require accuracy and competence and not least a requirement for a company that follows all norms and conditions that apply. At the same time we strive to ensure that the end service quality is very high.

Increasing use and requirements for broadband

Broadband is a two-way high-speed communication network that can transmit data in text, audio, and live images. In today’s society and with increasing use and demands from users, reliable broadband must simultaneously process several services and many users.

In Norway, broadband became commercially available on the private market at the beginning of the 2000s. Norsk Fiberoptikk has been involved in building FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) network for homes since 2001. You can thus trust that we have the experience needed to deliver reliable broadband to you and your company.

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