We at Norsk Fiberoptikk help customers find the most suitable cable for the right area of ​​use.

Our assignments are suitable for all companies or organizations that need high-quality fiber in all types of pipes and ducts.

The correct cable for the right environment

For Norwegian fiber optics, preparation is crucial for choosing the right solution. There are several requirements for which cable types to choose based on where to place the cable. The differences can be significant, and there are stringent requirements that are crucial to consider if you will have cable indoors, outdoors, or other challenging places such as undersea, concrete, etc. We are always up to date on these industry requirements, and we can assure our clients that we always follow the latest requirements and industry standards. There are often fire requirements that are important to be aware of in such installations. It often happens that in Norway, there may be a shortage in this area. Norwegian Fiber Optics makes sure to be up to date on these requirements.

NKOM-authorized installer

The NEK series is the Norwegian version of the international standards. We are an NKOM-authorized installer, meaning that we can perform installations in public networks for public companies. Then we must follow the requirements and standards that exist at all times.

All buildings require a specific fire class  especially in internal cabling. Our skilled installers have a solid knowledge in this particular field.

We at Norsk Fiberoptikk often work for other electrician companies within fiber. An example of a project we have been involved in is the fiber infrastructure in Ryfast.

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Cable splicing:

Our fitters work daily with branching and splicing of fiber in pull troughs, splice cabinets, masts, etc. We also perform all types of end termination of fiber cable.

There are various technologies when it comes to splicing and terminating fibers. In the past, mechanical methods for splicing and end termination were often the natural choice to achieve acceptable quality based on the services being used. In recent times, increasing parts of the available bandwidth in the fiber are utilized. The requirements for joints and terminations have been enhanced accordingly.

More prominent businesses that own fiber-optic infrastructure require that only core-centering splicing machines being used when building networks. Norsk Fiberoptikk therefore only uses core-centering splicing machines for splicing.

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