We design, build and install data centers.

Norsk Fiberoptikk has specialist knowledge of larger installations that require more. More what??   That is why we are a reliable installer of larger and smaller data centers.

The data center is unique in the sense that it processes vast amounts of data and traffic. These data are precious and the client needs a partner with the correct expertise to build and install these data centers precisely to ensure that solutions meet their high needs.

Specifically, our task is to ensure that everything from the design of facilities and the execution of completed installation schemes are carried out following current regulations, norms and industry requirements. We adhere to the appropriate standard at all times. We do this so that our clients can trust that the installations comply with the associated requirements.

A preferred choice

There are rigorous requirements for certification qualifications in everything we do, but within the data center this is extra important based on the amount of data we process.

Norsk Fiberoptikk is building a data center in Norway that is intended for both Norwegian and international companies. We get more assignments via existing customers. This shows that we are a preferred choice for developing and installing data centers in Norway.

Norsk Fiberoptikk delivers what is required in fiber from racks, cableways, cabinets, power supply, battery packs, and infrastructure in this area in general.

What is a Datacenter?

A data center is a building or a dedicated room in a building/group of buildings used to store computer systems and components such as telecommunications and storage systems. Larger companies and businesses often use data centers.

There are several elements around the development of data centers on which we have in-depth expertise. It can therefore be wise to talk to us before starting further planning.

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