Offshore & Transportation

With a sharply increasing number of assignments offshore, Norsk Fiberoptikk has established itself as one of the leading players in fiber-optic cables for communication networks that are increasingly used for control systems and internal communication.

Large, market-leading oil companies hire us to ensure a safe and solid solution that meets all requirements.

We monitor large areas where we have been brought in based on our specialist expertise in the area. In these cases, monitoring of systems and lines is essential to maintain the normal operation.

At Norsk Fiberoptikk, we have built up an extensive range of services. We currently work with large tunnel projects such as Ryfast, and we have several assignments related to wind turbine projects. In these areas, we have acquired a unique competence in the control and monitoring systems used.

Certified personnel for demanding assignments

We have certified personnel who can work offshore and in other demanding settings. This is a contributing factor to more prominent players choosing Norwegian Fiber Optics for the most significant projects.

Our personnel have been to most fields in the North Sea and have with their experience, gained much knowledge about how to tailor optimal solutions in demanding environments.

Norwegian Fiber Optics is also involved in railways. Here, like other fields, we have specially certified personnel who can work along the railways.

Communication networks built up with fiber-optic cables are increasingly used for control systems and internal communication both on offshore installations and along roads and railways. We can do the job and ensure that requirements and rules are followed so that our clients get a solid end product.

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