Testing and Certification

Testing and certification of connections is a natural part of all the jobs we perform.

New methods for reporting and inspection mean that our customers can be sure that the fiber system is compliant with the agreed quality.

There are continuous higher executional demands on projects. Our personnel and not least the equipment we use must be of very high quality. At Norsk Fiberoptikk, we make sure that we have this on all projects we are involved in.

We see this in many ways as a separate quality assurance service. Precisely so that our clients do not have to worry about the quality of the work performed.

We use and adhere to international standards. Our customers and clients also have precise requirements for how things should be done. We work very precisely with preparations to be able to deliver exactly to the expectations that are set.

Testing of cable – Quality in the preparation

An important area for us is cable testing. We need to find out which cable should be used for the different environments. By testing, we find the best solutions that provide a safe and optimal result.

Methods and tools we use to do this are:

  • Inspection (Microscope)
  • Light source & power meter
  • OTDR
  • CD (Chromatic Dispersion)
  • PMD (Polarization Mode Dispersion)
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • BERT (Bit error tester)

Calibrated instruments

Norwegian Fiber Optics uses calibrated instruments. These instruments are essential for our customers. By using calibrated instruments, the customer gets accurate results and a thorough report.

We always deliver good complete and accurate final reports on testing. Our feedback is excellent in this area. Customers notice a great value of this, and at the same time it ensures a more straightforward decision-making process for the way forward.